Donate Now: Your time, talent and treasure supports music education in our schools

We’ve experienced lots of changes in our school district over the last year or so, and many of these changes have impacted our band programs - from Marching Band and Concert Band in the High School, through all our bands in the Junior Highs and Middle Schools. While we are optimistic about the future, the reality is that if we are not very intentional about how we approach our finances over the next year or so, our programs will be in serious jeopardy and may not be financially able to continue. 

The Boosters have attempted to reduce the “door-to-door” selling of merchandise from catalogs. We have been focusing on Restaurant Nights and community activities instead. But we need better participation, additional ideas – and manpower to execute on the ideas. Each fundraising opportunity is a chance to contribute but we need everyone. No individual opportunity is going to generate enough to cover our need. We will have to utilize many fundraisers to generate the funds required. 

So, what are we asking from you? Please participate fully in each and every fund raising opportunity that is presented:
    •    Attend home football games and eat at the concession stand.
    •    Take the family out to dinner when we have a local Restaurant Night.
    •    Sign up for Amazon Smiles, Kroger Cares and the Meijer’s mPerks program
    •    Contribute financially to this year's fundraising campaign
    •    Pass the fundraising letter and donation form on to friends and family. (How many times has Grandpa said “I’d rather just donate money then have to buy this stuff that I don’t really need?”)
    •    Share ideas that you have for new fundraising options
    •    Volunteer to help with a fundraising event
    •    In order to continue providing support for a quality band program for our kids – please get involved!

Please contribute some combination of your time, effort and/or money so that your child can have a meaningful band experience and the excellent program we’re known for can continue.
Please log into Charms and look at the calendar to see where you can help...